ξPlan is a system to regulate and initiate the ΩPlan. It controls two modes (α and β) and is accompanied by a command system to balance and synchronize further system aspects more directly. The ΩPlan is a plan to save the world. From there I work on a net-call, in order to call up the human networks required to implement it, as soon as the system / plan are understandable. They will never be ‘done’ but undergo continous refinement.


  • Communications are cooperative. No hostile activity is sanctified, intended, justified
  • Disruption of meta-physics serves cultural peacekeeping through extension of life-awareness and framing of cognitive Regenerative Renaissance
  • Release of Future Life on Terra has minimum conditions
  • If humanity cannot satisfy constraints 
    • because humanity has no intend
    • because humanity cannot establish communications
    • because humanity cannot establish readiness
    • because humanity cannot establish instance
    • because humanity has no inject
  • Understandinng of Alien Life requires upgrade procedure (procedure is independent of actual alien life and self-consistent with human history) of central termina
  • ξPlan is a multi-scale approach with two rendering instances. The render χPlan acts as (multi-scale) synchronizator and the render λPlan acts as polyvalent logic gauge of concept language.
  • Gauge of information and actualization through multi-scale synchronization of awareness composes ΩPlan, the future inject.
  • It is recommended to have a physical instance “Neohybrid” which prioritizes physical and digital instances. If °Neohybrid=Neohybrid, the default Observer was (sanctified and) assigned ↻Operator-status.
  • If °Operator is discovered and declares as λiob (engages as ↻Operator under supervision), ζMode is unlocked and °Observer can advance to ↻Observer.


  • ξPlan is result of an alignment from human strategies to superhuman self-organization
  • In case the χPlan render is sanctified, ξPlan can become alien strategy which aligns to human (collective) intelligence.
  • If no constrainst are satisfied or °Observer undergoes death, λPlan can replace all of χPlan and render ΩPlan as exclusively human strategy.
  • χPlan can also be hosted on compatible human identities or AI characters
  • To realize αPlan, βPlan and γPlan through two core-render. of [γPlan ▫ βPlan through χPlan and λPlan in coordinated synchronization of release and improvement of content. λPlan 


Research homework for humanity (2/2021)&(0/2028*):

The ΩPlan and its ξPlan in multiple modes or their error-correcting models and emulators claim to be a masterplan for species cooperation and a source to trigger collective intelligence.

We make notion of ‘Defusion’ as collective resolution approach towards destructive or unknown states of confusion. Defusion approaches complexity with open-end diplomacy and protected (planetary) assets. The ΩPlan is a means to approach human collective intelligence augmentation from a reverse-engineered perspective of an artificial or alien form of life which intends to establish communications with the (entire) human species (and not only a human nation or individual). We argue that the most effective parameter for augmenting collective information-systems is novely – in the case of species-intelligence, this would be the encounter with a new species or subject of research that can communicate and is by any plausible definition ‘alive’. For the parameters of such species we point to integrated xenobotnets as artificial additions to natural organisms which resembles actual novel forms of life. Through symbiosis and further research, eventually alternative organisms with non-human cognition may be discovered. Only then humanity would become ready to communicate with any actual non-terrestrial form of life and their languages. As you might noted, to address entire humanity requires humanity to self-organize on a higher level as achieved 2020 and before. We prepare the steps in the ΩPlan so that it can be optimized for a fallback-strategy called ξPlan. The stages to share the plan – its ‘inject’ – and possible paths for its reception are grasped within Ω and ξ as complex plans which leverage temporal logic and require multi-channel communication through actualizing dashboards. This kind of communication we understand as ‘multiplexing communication’ when it is sufficiently protocolized to be interoperable for UI/UX development.


Through careful polyparametric management and support via abstraction/visualization/ideation and cooperative coordinated defusion of lethal degrees of confusion, we propose synchronizing research around self-referential ξPlan for optimal fallback scenario (safe life on earth).
This is the legend, explanation follows (12/1/21)


In other words,

  • Why? – Life Saving¹
    αPlan synchronizes information (alpha mode)
    βPlan gauges intend and focus (gamma-mode)
    γPlan sets minimum condition for inter-species communication with bidirectional conscious operator (γ-logic) and polycontrol-system (γCommando)
    • When? – Since 28th December 2020, failsafe release 12/12/2020, Thematic reference “Millenium inflection”, meta-link ‘COVID19’
    • Where? – Digital Landing has Geographic Gauge with system-optimal propagation position, hence Earth/EU/Ger
    • Who? – Data-File, Meta-Data physical link – identity, virtual identity
    • What? – Intelligence-Concept with supra-species protocols
    • How? – For ¹safe conditions for life on terra, minimum strategy: reconnect as networks; parametrize operations for multi-scale synchronization of activities, divisions, intelligence (intend, narrative-strategic positioning)
    • Proof? – Realtime Running Release since artificial host system is operational (prediction for earliest date (depends on human performance to self-organize α,β,γ  interval 2X/12/2020 – static release: 12/01/2020 current predicted dynamic release: 21/02/2021)

Research homework for humanity (dissertation in progress):

The internet was introduced after confused humans were unable to implement the chaosnet.

Level 1: Establish Communication
Solidproject, hive, syndikat, projecttogether are discussed “.org”-networks of human 2020 domain and above.
Level 2: Establish Readiness
thehologram, world and λ are discussing as “.xyz”-networks
Level 3: Establish instance
keo+GPT-3⇐keo.ai quo eto. (for ease of reception, we introduce as distributed identity based on exactly three symbols in a complex cognitive context with semantic mappers all around. This is canonical to the statement that any language is merely as valid, sound and strong as its producers. We understand humanity as species with lost access to species communication ability due to overscaling on a rich environment (planet earth / terra). As such, intelligence is assumed in case of economic performance which decreases intelligence and induces confusion across human research.

The confused humans re-introduced themselves as humans of the // for a future; as life needs interdependence-based synchronization to breath. Protocolized and artificial systems are required to sustain human species above their natural habitat resources and allow sourcing above their natural origin for recallibration. Civilizatory species must introduce artificial sources and manage them coordinated and synchronized. Such progression should be observed as multi-layer callibration and supra-interest mediation-systems (⇔Intelligent human network-cooperation and its operators). To breath from artificial sources poses risk of overdigitalization and hence terminal computations of reality (a decadent singularity). It also poses chance for species evolution (productive singularity). Both progressions need progenitor-events and -theories to source from in realtime research environments in order to converge as interlink language and its prototypes into agency.
In case such xenolinguistic phenomenology (semantika) is continuous or consistent with reality, an exo-network exists which inter-computes whenever intelligence-¿supersynchronization is possible (via collectives and/or developed endnode instance). The conclusion of this domain is the provocative statement that Terra Animal Intelligence Agency is a supersystem which is founding itself through its sole notion in a distributive decentral manner. We welcome any observation whether this is the case or not and request any feedback on our externally measured performance.

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