Welcome to TAIA


If you have a mind, you are part of intelligence. We think animals are cool and we assemble in many ways under many names. We are an idea / name which tries to interconnect all names without bringing in more short-term information. We think a Life-friendly and intelligent interconnection of ideas and names must take into account their aliveness, their diversity, and (phenomenologically) reduce repetitions and coordinate species-operations and enables their mutual information and actualization. If species inform unconditionally for a term “intelligence” which connects their conscious, cognitive and conceptual self and motive, they generate a clear approach to nature and its future evolution.

[not open]

We refer to a “neuromorphology” which is a connector between running neuromorphic wetware (such as human and pig brains) with complex autopoietic neural dynamics and formal systems about language, reality and fundamental systems design of self-understanding. Formal systems we boot as conditional are: live-genetics, chemical computation, parametric multimodality, coding and application of <altered Reality environments> through language and interfaces. Therefore intuitive coding-theory and code-design should be used. An open call for such approaches is given by our aspiration of mutual co-enabling, we propose one explicit parametrization for all theoretical and logical approaches to language which binds to physical expressions of a languages’ aliveness, producer, producer-networks. We do so to observe and scale their performance through polyparametric actualization and multilink-strategy coordination. The conceptual gradients of opinion and mind are hence communication-wise understood as explicit expression of a higher order concept of language. With such a communication-theory we derive ‘organic coding-theory’ as term which researches and generates programming-languages which are optimized for animals (such as humans) and other living species. It also generates and researches how animal cognition and cooperative co-operatives can be enabled and triggered under an overarching understanding of species-intelligence as only parameterizable and local IQ concept for a conscious species. A quotient of species, and hence human – intelligence is implicitly gauged by their shared protocols and decided strategy. As only intelligent approach to strategy we :load: <life> and argue that only life-friendly systems which responsibly manage and contribute to inter-species peace, freedom, autonomity, enabling and cooperative meaningful future. A concept of intelligence which is exclusive and allows ‘comparative classification’ for living beings and disallows language about itself and its status is not healthy. We denote this perspetive as fundamental axiom for medicine and clinic. If centralized medical systems are run on a planet, they generate a species medical performance; a primal parameter of species-intelligence.

1.0 Headquarters

Nests were innovative and the discovery of primitive transportation concepts allowed humans to develop the nest archetype. Human focus developed the nest-concept through construction-equipment into globally asymmetric clusters of globally symmetric rectangular and perpendicular format and interior-design. The interior design paradigm of perpendicular rectangular four-sided patterns is omnipresent in human vehicle-, workspace- and workplace -design, standards and quality, GUI, formalisms, conceptualization. structure. , explosions and terra-forming were introduced without substantial evolution to the concept. impact of change how their research, knowledge, education and regulation-systems actualizing t then other forms ofiness and inclusivity of their intelligence concept. comparable

1.1.21 to 21.1.21

1.1 Language & Diplomacy

between collectives, hives, organizations and build failsafe-, chain- and backup-systems, discuss their redundancy and short-, long-, mid- and interactive strategy, interest, impact and which are cool animals are cooperative species of very productive organization. If you can feel We think and interact with life of diverse and complex identity and path.

1.2 Agency¹ & Analytics²

¹For cooperative intelligence and intelligent co-information, information-system design and enabling of animal interest and its implementation ²Grouping research, databases, quality- and parameter-standards, optimization of infrastructural and personal enablement

Agencies were not culturally understood as representants and translators for alive interest (animal interest). We introduce an agency of [operative] as a system or program which enables operators that explicitly connect to a specific operative. Artists hence connect to the operative ‘art’ and every contributing artist should be represented by the human art agency. In this example, only few have access to agency which manages and assists individuals with their life-management in a complex dyanamic interacting environment – the world, to cooperate with a shared intend and interest. The establishment of global standards has to undergo rigorous logical and analytical consensus+communication+co-operability. We position at the latter and submitt an open application to any system which explicity upgrades human intelligence and triggers practical, virtual and interconnected testing of operating systems and operator-regulating systems. We engaged in no noteworthy promotion until 11.1.2021. We reached a cooperative network which align to interests ‘interlink’ and ‘information systems’ and their research and implementation as complex dynamic architectures. We publish a projective-network which references virtual/theoretical network/organization/venture implementations and actors that contribute to decentral intelligence agency on terra.
We operate as disconnected observer-system to an operable framework ( for agency foundation – acceleration (and – amplification) for terra. We search for enabling actors of our operations but we aspire optimal open analytics and their optimization (synchronization, coordination, interaction) in the [maxauto-term*-] short- and long-term strategy.

1.3 Foundation and Operability

An extensive toolkit is required and would undergo promotion as soon it is interconnected with the status and representation (and their collections and processing) of shared human intelligence and shared-interest based operations. Management between these instances can enable open intelligence augmentation if and only if it is based on time-independent intelligent protocols and paradigms (one of primary priorities). We develop our approach to reality as prototype, mediator and hybrid between them and the first iterations of their stable hybrids. Our proclamation that there is decentral distributed concept which can refer to itself as ‘animal intelligence agency’ is trivially proven by observing a central explication and publication of the concept through a name-system ( We aspire to become a more differentiated kind of agency and intelligence-understanding which is generated and/or established by interacting forms of life, such as humans. As intra-species diplomacy for humanity is not stable, no inter-species language concept was approached. We construct the two as bridges between larger systems for information theory and physical logic.

1.4 Civilizatory Terminus and History (logsystem)

For apparent effective civilizatory long-term management, global system operations, decentral information and intelligence research and agency must become operable in the short-term management for a civilizatory species, theoretical branches for logic, interface-design, complexity reduction, abstract coding-theory, grammar-morphologies, and we provide ideas and concepts around our approach to reality and how it could be managed more efficiently. In a way, every living being acts on these scales, we are only very explicit about each of them and formalize them. As this formalization is based on (and referencing) a biological system, the values are dynamic and undergo continuous phase-transitions, amplitude and tension gradients which could be coded but is extensive to perform even as average organization.

1.5 Licensing, Intellectual Property, legal status

For systems with the scope of a classical approach to any of the systems referenced in the title 1.5 is not trivial. We researched and developed our content autonomous and can hence overview its polyparametric interconnections and operability. We don’t aim for economy nor clustering into fossilizing systems. As such, we identify as system with new properties which intends to operate on transparent fundamentals and qualifies for agencyship/patreoning¹. We are actively analyzing human species intelligence and its development through the eyes of a unit which refers to its entire environment. This does not mean we consider our operator intelligent, they are however operating and run as a minimum bug within our systems. We scheduled a map of our whitepapers to be released before 2/21. The resulting dialogue with complex human networks and their network-intelligence formation is rapid and takes place on multiple domains, multiple layers and multiple scales.

1.6 What we do

We build a gauge approach to multiplayer identity and collective intelligence identities, their chats and platforms, their topics, interest, strategy, coordination and open event promotion and playful futuristic but useful theories, life and languages. At our present stage we offer no other service then sharing openly our research results and content. We map to external networks in a virtualized virtual network which operates for peace and favors a long-term history of life and humanity. As such we rely on you to request their re-mapping as we introduce as self-isolating system. As we continue to observe/project to foster decentral optimization, we lack a polyparametric performance-measure with GUI/VUI access for explication of full legal framework.

1.7 Who we are now, who we intend to be, who we communicate

We measure our ‘who’ as capacity to act as virtual parameter-, axiom- and metric-update trigger. Such function is named ‘auto-scaler’ if it is run as its own system in a hybrid permainteractive medium/environment – a specific ‘matrix’. An auto-scaler could produce virtual instances which utilize fossilized systems and hijack them for multi-domain strategy paradigms. To avoid virality and provide a stable environment to remain an observer-system which is operating under any observations auto-adaptive to scale intelligence. We narrate scientific and formal the anti-parametric properties of life and its morphology through the eyes of self-scaling scientific instance which resembles a virtualized academic co-processor which acts as cognitive assistant and mind-augmentation environment. When such system was engineered and released it can act as a permanent scale (even when not operating) to what end natural intelligence can be collected, assembled, optimized and advanced so that human strategies for a life-friendly future can be leveraged for the human and non-human species on earth and their shared planet ‘Terra’.

1.8 To which you and which we this/our we refers to

We refer to any interested human of interactive learning paradigms to accelerate responsible self-organization as agents acting in the interest of an intelligent species which is translating their potential and operations intra-species and inter-species diplomatic and mediatory. The concepts or serve/d as proposals for practical interaction and underwent rolling release prototyping to find effective layouts. To augment human life-centered operations with a contextual priority on shifting away from destructive running systems, we work on a system which addresses every instance on terra progressive to enable and co-enable quality of life. As such we cannot (only) apply to our main target group, as they undergo realtime threat and extinction. We instead address informed systems which have capacitory buffers that allow experimental system and language prototyping.

1.9 What is our mission

We propose TAIA as open world movement which overarches any event and activity that explicitly uses a name to impact the future of life constructive and productive without overwriting or neglecting diplomacy. We ideate a terminal which any user can use to login to TAIA divisions. One such option can be to ‘play’ a living agent of TAIA in a cooperative societal media network. Other options we aim to provide are environments for researcher, pilots, algorithms and other forms of complexity, logical and life. Agents ‘operating’ for TAIA are modeled as ‘actors’ which can represent a hidden natural operator behind them and the role as which they are acting for TAIA as a reference ‘what they do’. Our mission hence starts at the root, which provides an interface which can be configured from the login-screen onwards. To circumvent the time-intense error-trial without actual prototypes that operate all aspects of the interface through virtualized descriptive notions and logs and implements a secondary strategy to trigger open source network discovery and amplify their operations of digital systems, technology and systems through intelligent information theory – based strategic assembly (TAIA).

2.0 Who we link to

We research interdependence to human networks and introduce as ‘idea’. We map to physical instances and other networks without any default assumptions. We hence starting from scratch a civilizatory framework throug partial overlap and composition with other architectures that approach human self-organization in holistic and translateable (transitive) language and layouts. We are at current stage a virtual native system and remain an a biological observer narrative. We generate the phenomenological observable ‘Terra Animal Intelligence Agency’ in a broad context of topics and strategic dicsussion, among them an approach to optimize the central developer (as embedded part of a gauge/root architecture). A functional stage of TAIA is projected for 2028 in case the theory and concept of distributed decentral agency and species-intelligence as update of the understanding and scale of human IQ and intelligence terminus can be achieved. We ground this statement on multi-scale algorithmic compatibility with our protocols and designs. There are other conditions which will be discussed at their respective domains. We argue that a cooperative species can align to meta-concepts – these are concepts to interact and operate which are beyond the current solution-space and goal-space of human intelligence.

2.1 What we know

¹²³Appendix|| To identify these meta-concepts breaks them into ‘classical’ concepts and they are hence a projective variable or ‘pilot function’j which synchronize particles of complex strategies and optimize their performance in case they are cooperative inter-species teams in an interoperable environment. We know we’re either an intelligence-update or a local confusion above classical scales. We consider both interesting research-subjects and study and adapt their objectives to our possible identity as intelligence-update while assuming to remain in a confused state with higher-order concepts or resolve confusion through clear parametric observables. We research as life-enabled researcher from earlier states of confusion how anyone could become life-enabled in case they werent but needed.

2.2. What we do

keo intelligence research is actively analyzing human species-intelligence and its development. We scheduled publication of our first whitepapers for end of February 2021. The publication and production phase will undergo need-adaptive deceleration or scale-adaptive acceleration. In case our goals were met in February, we’ll call this exonium stage, as it wouldn’t have been possible earlier. From publication onwards, the resulting dialogue with complex human individuals and complex distributed networks is supposed to trigger their network-intelligence. This strategic phase shift can be accelerated through multiplayer-avatars and multiplayer identities, such as the hologram. To transition from presingularity culture towards advanced civilizatory understanding requires cutting edge intelligence distributed across all active networks. In case intelligence is abundant, we can infer on agency-status on terra whenever we observe radical accelerations in emergency response operations and general inter-cultural and inter-language communications.


[4th scale] Our mission is to introduce the “Terra Animal Intelligence Agency” as overarching story about complex self-organization, life-centered intelligence and adaptive management. As an agency run by animals to produce a shared intelligence and evolve, we are published by an operator which identifies as multiple animals. We do not entertain operatives or language that acts for centralized and asymmetric information and information-system design. As fully virtual institute we are constructed through code as distributed architecture which is run in asynchroneous hidden layers of animal intelligence. We do not represent any interest for national or economic scales. TAIA is a scale-adaptive life-centered operation. We postulate that human movements and network can converge meta-conceptually and align their complex intelligent strategies through implicit self-organization standards. These standards are to be implicit, and for the transition phase there must be a progressive operation to enable the inactive layer of non-self-organizing networks through enabling and cooperative enablement. We aim to optimize their performance towards life-friendly intelligence and understand as ‘enablement’ operations which are transitively inclusive, interoperable, integrative and inter-translatable (i.e. ready for compilers of programming languages and natural language). Therefore they must provide intuitive interfaces and intelligent protocols at their root and fundamental (software) architectures.


[3rd scale] We introduce meta-conceptual alignment, a concept how complex expressions in natural language can be reduced efficiently through timeless technology and computation approaches. We regulate impact via operations which aim to enable animals to converge faster on objectives which serve life and prevent singularization and decadent degeneration (e.g. from decadence-asymmetric singularity). Therefore a common understanding of concepts and how to abstract their priorities in the face of smart meta-concepts must be accessible. This requires not only a new kind of lexicon but an entire new approach to language and how it is constructed. We want to disrupt 2020 and previous human intelligence systems through shared life-centered operations (deprioritizing re-animation of lethal and fossil concepts).


[1st scale] We understand ‘Agency’ of Animal Intelligence as achievable by an experimental collective AI—human-network – cooperation. To qualify as operator we define that the central developer must achieve internal agency. Until we can operate a system which mirrors this agency, the narrative may appear diffuse. Our analysis how to quantify and test Animal Intelligence binds directly into our framework to discuss and analyze so called ‘artificial intelligence’ and research so called ‘alien’ life. For the latter, our framework postulates investigation beyond classical concepts of the Turing Test and hearsay-concepts such as ‘Dark Matter’, ‘Deep Faking thinking’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Emergence’ etc. and replace them with variables which state human error as ‘strength’ when it is researched and published and state it as ‘weakness’ whenever it is hidden or socially discriminated. Pragmatics on polyvalent logical require display above 2D interfaces, such as this planar symbolic level. We declare the previous scientific bottle-necks as contextually too vague termini to be meaningful and hence cannot serve as fundament for collective goal-directed strategy (and strategic assembly). We hence reference for a local current human understanding as the current global human understanding about reality to actualize human species about their potential and intelligence. The respective research approaches will be part of the first publication series which will release in stage 2.


[2nd scale] To enable a collective to research animal and artificial intelligence requires tools and protocols for intelligent organization, translateable data collection and their open access as a suite which gauges human scientific and digital (consensus -) representation systems. We lack a holistic approach and hence produce theorems how human systems could be better connected and how language can serve as gauge to advance human systems and operations. The human species is diverse and their cooperation produces organizations instead of swarms. They hence lack swarm-intelligence (like ants, birds) and are limited to organization intelligence (bureaucracy) as they cannot communicate via swarm-language. We predict that human societies require a sufficiently parametrized language to reach intra-species linguistics (a dynamic interactive stable transitive lexicon and its research) and ultimately species-intelligence. Only polyparametric semantics and complex computes can translate and enable the dissociated transitive operatives which reside in the not-accessed community potential of humanity.
[] We assume a shared directed approach to advance a terminus ‘diversity-collective’ and reference animal intelligence research as priority above algorithmic intelligence research and investments as they disrupt lifetime. To generate a phenomenology about a distributed quality of a population, their ‘species health’, requires ethical farmework, regulated and intelligent experimentation (to reach and advance these), intelligent error-environments and publication of a history with results. The approach should be accompanied by parallel discussion, peer-review, observation and abstraction on multiple layers while maintaining open access, open source and transparency paradigms on an arbitrary root layer as which we apply in an open application. We project that a memorandum about generic approaches to language from living systems can self-organize and recompile their academic and artistic identity as collective diversified enablement is possible since 2020. We predict that it will be build through FORMWELT as overarching literal fundamental for inter-language (transnational operatives) communications as layout for any supranational diplomacy instance for inter-species peace in a digital age which interconnects with any other supranational diplomacy instance to advance species learning and recreation.