The dashboard¹ is a concept to keep multiple parameters in sync and allow multi-scale data viewing and editing. This could be used for the users to display the various infos aubot the station and their own assets – a polyparametric UI for a dynamic societal complex environment.
It could be synchronized to current systems and act as transition function > in order to build a connection as control interface (taskplaner/operating system mod/skin) for the current systems which could then transition into digital and gamified (alternative) currency systems.
This opens the space for implementing token-concepts as fluid energy scale with different qualities (le.g. education energy / teaching energy), like in classical rts-resources with different and dynamic exchange options between them (this could integrate a lot micro-econ). could be a candidate for this; they implement tokenization well and look for augmentation.

Reality / VR transitions⁵. Among my projects for TAIA is ARES (Augmented Reality Enhanced Sandtable) which I extend to AREX (using a sandbox with spatial properties; layers of sandtables). This could adapt elements/modules from diverse games to physical and from environments to VR spaces. We’ll consider extensions for board games, object motion tracking, etc. It could connect to tabletop games and maps as well [to coordination customer/visitors in real places for number control and crowd-prevention.]

I mentioned the AR – layer, concepts how to interconnect AR, VR, classical 3D engines and AI environments through a methodology. This integrates medical sustenance as well. I depicted a simple model for ‘research’ named live action research LAR² for synchronizing research and digital interaction design. This can translate well to gameplay, UI/UX and edu (depending on how far you’re on this aspect); a bit more is on the domain. I imagine players to have ‘cells’ with which they can login into the spaceship, but also ‘outproject’ into other virtual systems and physical real systems.

Theres a domain-corpus³ (essentially a bunch of domains, each has a specific (most a) complex concept or app associated) which could accelerate filling universe (by making use of e.g. as prototype alien city*) and promote forking and project-leads for distributed approach as cells. “A distributed modular generational spacestation” (for swarms of larger structures; this refers to the connection). E.g. specific projects/edu material/animations could be carried out independent to make use of open source mentality and hive coding. [The corpus can also be understood as a virtual ecosystem model. it is a prototype for another form of social/cooperative engineering in this frame].

Theres a draft for a biologic/technological architecture⁴ for a system to operate an open intelligence agency – this could be implemented as basis to research/deploy alternative concepts for security/police and social self-regulation; as the agency would center on animal wellbeing and their operations are fundamentally build on mediation <> equibrilation. Instead of cops there would be moderators; likewise this can integrate social media systems which are currently used to establish peer2peer support for elderly / schools.












*I made this site for any contacts who want to get a fast overview without going into any detail. =)

Alien Capital Entry (draft)

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