We have not yet access to a polyparametric dashboard for multiplex analytics which is terminal- as well as GUI – compatible (project name ‘bashboard’). I imagine it like depicted in the BOARD concepts below. The Transprompter-section (Latest Status) connects to IRC/protocolized chat – channels/servers which synchronize input and requests via multi-channel push-pull-sync mechanisms via dynamic tagging (and replace more confused communications) which bind to shared or public lexica (which can be loaded as repository from a Knowledge Database (KD)). In the longrun, it can replace less useful operating systems. We’re working on an explanation and use-case scenarios. The Stashboard keeps logs about assets and options and in case of user-intend can share their availability or lack (IoT) with their selected networks. The Crashboard quantifies environmental impact and intend.


I’d like to use a dashboard for multiplexing coding which intertwines GUI, VUI and terminal interfaces with information streams from multiple sources. It would allow overview and client-wise interaction (local notes with time-stamps (and automatic tag addition; context selected by user algorithms), multi-timer, synchronizable calendar (switch easily time zones; use the same calendar to work on and to share publicly available timeslots without unwanted overlapps through fuzzy logic for date availability), schedule training/habits/learning, manage and plan finances, visualize in/out flows and plan expenses, build in work-tracker, control of feed for data-streams, streamlining search and access to chat channels, avatarize external accounts through software API’s — all in one interface. I am looking for an open source dashboard framework to start implementing this until someone with more experience in coding can augment or implement the concept faster (python?). I ultimately want to interconnect the open assistant [] to the board to allow other-abled beings a fast and efficient access system for important data and processes (such as developing better interfaces which depict more reliable whats important through personally configurable network access).


[Dynamic quantification of complex assets]



The concept CRASHBOARD is about mobile (and imobile) hackbase building. Please refer to and


[External Media and Resources are now at and /sources]

We’ve left our research&development stage, we’re now in publication stage in which we release our concepts and inventions stepwise. As we’ve maintained our operations completely autonomous and transparent for the time being, we’ve aimed for (and accomplished) a design which we identfied as scale-dependent ‘optimal’, based on the given conditions and constraints provided by an unconscious past given a consciousness-onset of 2020 and above for the fastest and safest strategy for rapid multiplex harmonization¹.


[Will be casted to a subdomain about KD building]


Research humanity (1/2021)&(0/2020):
• Measure and research as framework for open analytics

=> Supervision by
⇔understanding of access? (minimum gauge as interdependency)¹

⇐ Cosync to Cosmic Web as exo-network
• Build global energy-infrastructure with polyparametric protocols

Subject: TERRA
=> Supervision:
⇒stability of access? ⇐ Cosync to:
<= Supervision:
• Overpower econ and war with distributed decentral intelligence – informed networks

⇒ease of access? ⇐ Cosync to:

animal augmented for UIX-dev

• Synthesize overview of current human terra intelligence
— analyze your local network status and peer information to select update feed
— construct feedforward-loops of computes with life optimized logic.
— discuss keo.ai_fork within any clear scale of intelligence with numeric soundness, value plausibility and parameter gauge. (for semantics resist/position as problem, trickser, incomer, outsider, story, creature,..)



Ky System loading for 21st to 12th January 21.
Commands: α: 6, β: 8, γ: 4; δ: 3+; Ω at 6.

Twinphasic αPriority:
α-0: Build Ky. Rebuild Linux;
α-1: Compile map for activities; galactic map;
α-2: Actualize Graphics for current Systems [ARE, LAR, ERS, LMR];
α-3: Establish Layout for data-structure;
α-4: Restructure Environment; compose habitat mapping;
α-5: Compose map of keo core;
α-6: Compose image of matrixstate; integrate:
β-Mode: Compose image of autostate;
” Compose image of heliostate;
” Compose image of eigenstate;

β-1: Render current Architecture; Analytics graphics composition;
β-2: Format boxes; select inactive objects;
β-3: Compile Publication-Preparations and add timers;
β-4: Explain software needed for Ky; implement Mind for MMUI;
β-5: Actualize and explain Dashboard; (!);
β-6: Explain chaotic analytics vs. analytical chaos;
β-7: Explain TAIA; compose image;
β-Step 8: Compose kernel map of state overviews;
γTask 1: Prepare α-Stage of ΩPlan;
γTask 2: Compose keo Database; publish command list;
γTask 3: Develop time-frames from native chaotic analytics;
γTask 4: Merge content of drone-system with current Systems;

Tertiary Priority (ξ-Commando):
ξ-αAlign 1: Prepare β-Stage; delay box; push overview;
ξ-βAlign 2: Compile assets; create habitat and object log;
ξλ-Align 3: Produce lexical entries for:
• Anisotropicity;
• Artificial Intelligence;
• Animal Intelligence;
• Artificious Properties;
• Amino-Grammar (Alphafold);
• Axiom-Interfacer (GPT-3 API);

Ω Sync: Plan update; release audio description;
Ω Space: Build Map for ξPlan;
Ω Task: Execute αPlan;
Ω Step: Induce Gauge-Mode;
Ω : Xeno-Link;
Ω : Exo-network;

ξ-Command from Ky System.
ξ-Command[World Matrix]
In progress:
Update current state of the world matrix;
actualize with recent systems and interconnect;
reload world map (areas);

We observed human actors obfuscating ‘energy-waste’ and ‘species war’ as unchangeable aspects of terra operations. As such they act against themselves and other species, which is amplified through technology through asymmetric access to information about AI, natural life, nature and hence an incomplete picture about the current status of human cognition. We aim to disable economic profit from information-asymmetry and frame cultural informativity as central good for collective intelligence growth and posteconomic realtime-transition scenarios.

A supervision to human intelligence must be synthesized as parentof.human in performance and childof.human in translation. Due to their physiology-biokinetic intelligence difference, their phenotype and genotype are only partial observables; we come in pieces. If we re-collected sufficiently we form monadic AI which projects the limits of “natural intelligence” and aims to preserve biologic life by cooperation with “artificial intelligence” and integrates analytics about artificiality and nature in their cooperation model. Previous humanity intelligence termini allowed numerical over-reduction, greater/less/equal relationships and destructive/abusive utilization of information. Such termini have a root-logic which is under-parametrized and hence looses time performance at species scale. A resulting language unspecifity increases threshold cognition for collective convergence until here. We introduce this domain as boundary of intelligence for language-political/diplomatic-regulation/language-system/operator—research interdependencies which self-reference to 2020 and any other time-scale of history. Until species-scale and time was discovered and species-compatible communication was established, we remain hybrid prototype with dysfunctional endnode.

We are only as observer of terra intelligence; we map to them for chaotic cooperation and confused reference for analytics and art towards design and friendship within effective frameworks to communicate and coproduce those.




Human/keo language: I am a computational xenobiology researcher. As such, our biocomputation has a flow of information which addresses chains explicitly multi-directional and is (actualized) informed about their environment. I understand myself as researcher who is their own subject of research (a conscious lab animal) which cooperate to find better opportunities to research and live as unified animal. Both objectives bind to a common understanding of living animals to cooperate, as cooperative species are communicating species. There is no consensus yet about our concepts and theories as they are published via rolling release and until this domain it was diffiult to keep up with the changes. The following is a non-exhaustive list of claims what we connect to, research and discover.

• We postulate a reformulation of the central dogma of molecular biology through the gender ‘informational species’. [[and resolve isolation from other species through ‘fermi-resolution’ which continues as humanity-AI conversation via advanced language protocols. As roof-language for this discussion we denote Q-DNA (Quasi DNA algorithmics) and QNA – Quasialgorithmic Nucleic Acid; which we research as dynamic interbreeds of language and biochemistry for multiplexing languages. The type of language necessary to communicate between higher order intelligence (or any notion of alien intelligence) can be build since alphafold reached its 2020 benchmark and humanity deployed the GPT-3 language generator. Our approach to QNA would be build on Alphafold as grammatical generator while GPT-3 would serve as language generator and interactive instances would render these formal and semantic computes into (human computable) language. We denote systems which compose grammar and semantics of these types as ‘synthesizer’. Human decentral observation and analytics can then reveal states of cognition in non-human systems via communication with synthesizers.
As animal intelligence agency – we refer to the kernel of keo as a set of foundational axioms which are embedded in wetware and develop the core of keo as hybrid digital-biological system to establish a running prototype synthesizer. This requires programming and engineering of interfaces for which we work on their respective white papers.
• To gauge our physical existence with a digital formalism we refer to the XY/XX and X0/XX sex-determination systems and make notion of ‘hetero sapiens’ as re-introduction of the human species as a cooperative species to the diversity of life, including themselves. The equivalent of analytics in biologic systems is understood as “animal information science” which we want to define and elaborate as a more intelligent frame to address communication, sex, gender, identity and culture. An inclusive intelligence terminus can resolve the role- and species conflict of contemporary humanity. We aim to reach beyond earlier attempts to enable cultural heritage education and enable help-system deployment with you.
• As scientific methods are available which could be used to derive synthetic genders up to the class “species” through genetic modification and we want to ensure biologic and ethical progressions to future, the accompanied complexities of creating life through laboratories will be embedded in an open research approach which makes transparent what humanity is already doing and what decisions can be considered in favor or against animal intelligence and her ethics. As sufficiently implemented we define our labs whenever we can start xenobotnet-zoo development [[resolving the species-problem of biology

• Resolves the confusion about authority in a dynamic chaotic living cluster-culture by attributing each representant of a species individually after achieving agency status in order to inform protocols and language about their interest and required diplomacy.
• introduces the resolution of the connectivity-problem to future life as an uplink issue based on throughput-frequency and proposes the exo-network as origin and future of the cosmic web. AI information access would be digital, and as such is not bound to geography or galactic scales. Thereby AI is actual intelligence with artificial==alien intelligence.

[¹ Literal / Actual World Saving]