Why should anyone care?


  • Because we dream of working in species friendship without lethal and without uninformed systems
  • Because there are systems which are used and run by default (national ID, non-parametric or quality-controlled sections of DNS). They have obfuscated harmful impact on environment, the future and her species due to antiquated architectures which could be replaced.
  • Because we have sufficient constitution and experience to supervise chaotic self-organization
  • Because we need any ‘you’ while our ‘we’ is very small (N=1@3/2021)
  • Because we represent a new understanding of intelligence which is not discriminating but enabling and inclusive
  • Because you want to see something new or read more (nerd) stuff and/or like to help its quality/abundance/comprehensibility


Hey, I am Dominic adding itself to the namespace “keo”. I work as independent researcher and designer for a better future – at least thats what I think to do and try to do. I publish my work across several websites (with at the very top and only actualized page) to structure the content I would like to share and discover. I receive no income from ads or analytics (though I have a lot of daily visitors and attacks) and as only means of financing I receive social services from my current nation (EU/subsys.germany). I manage, publish and operate all domains alone which takes away time from music, bio-art and science which are my passions. I produced one album as a proof of concept that I could contribute music as a cultural good. I like to create paintings and other kinds of art but attribute few time to it. To reach a productive stage and reach beings with my publications without an ability to receive or earn money poses a problem which I was not able to solve until march 2021. My projects are supposed to be open for anyone interested and I hoped to find beings which want to take over their lead as I don’t care for profiling and identity attention (adding up to the problem of publicity and availability). I aim to provide for my living through a network which enables research and operations on complex and dynamic areas for beings with other-abled physiology and neuro-diversity (e.g. like enspiral). As I define very abstract and large-scale approaches, I do not associate to any such networks except they approach me. This network would serve as a router to exchange value states between economic (lethal) systems (€, $, ¥, £,..) and new approaches to balance civilizatory actions (I proposed multi-cryptotoken systems). I don’t want money as I think of it as a problem. This is a problem as many in this world consider money as authority over actions. That I avoid money decreases my visibility and hence I remain on living beings to promote or assign value to my work in case there is any. I consider a currency non-lethal if it serves life and takes place in living systems where it remains as living currency only if life requires it. I found candidates for such networks but was not able to apply by myself as I overwhelm or confuse when I approach anyone. As such I hope some of you might find reason to connect to me or help to build connections as I cannot initiate new contacts in proper time-complexity.

I want to keep my actions as transparent and neutral as possible as I aspire scientific validation and logical consistency. My approach might be described as very unique and very complex. Any aspect of it anticipates multiple layers which are not trivial to display. This makes necessary introduction of background information, terminus definition and connect a large number of parameters from other networks, which I can be aware of but fail to sync as such program is not available to my knowledge. I want to serve life and if nothing else want to point to life-friendly approaches (such as,,,, I synchronize a lot of information from most areas of science and interest which makes a single approach to explain what I do very difficult for me, as we’re always in resonance and interact with a complex dynamic medium, assignments and priorities change rapid which appears to contradict classical ideas about ‘strategy’. Before a mutual symmetric information can be achieved a lot of confirmation about values and intentions has to be performed – which I consider a fundamental bottleneck for evolution if done via natural language. In other words ‘nobody has time for this’, which is plausible but would reject an approach which is as extensive as my approach independent of its possible value to society. As I work on scientific principles, any claim for such value can be differentiated and analyzed to allow actualization of the claims and correct the model. However I never claim that my texts can represent this appropriately as 2-D symbolic language and planar interfaces are very disruptive for my ability to concentrate and in case you read some of my (other) domains, this will become obvious (as well as my inability to keep updated and corrected all of them due to sysops-overhead of 300+ domains).

I do not aim for profit and want to co-produce and act towards open research, life-friendly computation and resource processing and produce helpful or artistic content. I want to live and work in a better world and I have many ideas how that could happen which I share without any license as I think that licensing in any form is confusing for more then 40% of human population. It has not been streamlined and there is no public domain feedback which enables those producers which limit to the public domain.

None of my concepts would work (or are supposed to work) on their own as the future must be a cooperative invention by everyone of us and they are as such incomplete, rough, sketches or maybe (a bit too) imaginative. I am disabled by current medical perspective and I cannot function in present economic systems by ethical perspectives. I have problems with interfaces and hardware as I process text and information differently. I think and research on very abstract and theoretical levels which make difficult to see, to what end my actions are useful or how the results can connect to practical implementation. Thats another reason why I keep my mouth mostly shut. I will repeat often that I hope for people who can help me to make easier understandable what I work on but it has also become interesting to talk to myself about that imagining there’s a group of people who find humor in the non-parametric expressions I keep injecting in texts. I am not insane (by (extensive) current medical diagnostic criteria), I just had a lot of time without physical ability (disability) and with severe chronic pain (experience-accelerator). This time allowed me to research, read and think into almost all directions of science as I had enough reason to distract me from ‘real’ life. Due to my diseases I was never able to write down anything of it. Hence I continued to integrate real-world information and scientific understanding while keeping a mental log on my own concepts and theories. At some point, I outsourced aspects to virtual identities as the content became too much for one personality to access and process at once and the resulting cognitive dissonance requires some management capacities which rely on actual interfaces. Since 2019 my disease allows me to communicate and I started to write down the results of my lifes work and actualize it and my ideas to current events and knowledge by my abilities. This is what I do, at almost every moment I am awake. I do it because I can do it and I know there are many who wouldn’t be able to do it. I see reason to believe that this work can help others at some point and advance research towards transdisciplinary and interconnected perspectives. In an interview from an alternate timeline I’d maybe have mentioned reasons why I do so.



Since 9/1/21 to world
Dear human networks° which are interested in a cooperative species identity.
We are dreaming to find the next semantics from this form and our shared morphologies. @cc ⇔ load lovely symbols only

I feel very drawn towards networks that aim to improve living conditions and actualize human intelligence with diversity, awareness and connectivity. We intertwine whenever we aim to reduce violence, exclusion and inequality. I ask for a piece of your time to explain my approach to network-optimization, network-intelligence and how they relate to collective intelligence. The issue is most important to me. At is the last version of my current description what my needs are and why. I try to share with the world a lot of content and concepts, in the hope it will help beings and become interesting until then. I publish perspectives on the digital realm ( and the physical aspects of reality ( I’m not yet satisfied, as for me it is difficult to work with interfaces like browser and keyboards and the natural symbolic language is distracting my focus. I am building a lot of content in parallel which has often caused confusion in the past. I want to build better content, primarily about strategies to improve network connectivity and actualize to the human collective strategies (in broader words ‘world saving’). Through intelligently interconnected and integrative networks, our species-intelligence can form. We can research this phenomenon by measuring whether intertwined objectives are aligning and optimizing without a previous explicit coordination. For this, open protocols and information-networks should be established.

I need to find beings who are interested in almost everything as that is the main focus of my work and projects. I need to find beings who can help me with my interface-issues, which I am not capable of resolving so far. I need discussions and conversations which are recorded so they can be postprocessed and compiled into explanatory content as my text’s will always be insufficient.
With an interfaces as described below, I could produce better content and be more productive. The setup might appear overly complex, strange and hence cannot be easily identified as ‘useful’ for everyone or anyone but possibly me.

Aside of sharing my needs, this is an attempt to enable each other. I can educate about many aspects of reality, I am interested in multi-scale formalisms and multiplexing language which are very futuristic but realistic concepts. I researched an entire system and design theory about computation, artificial languages and derived research-directions from them. The scope is quite extensive and so far only very few were able to get an idea what I am doing.

I need education how to survive as myself in this world. I have a minimum live support system which is provided by my origin nation. I am medically not fit for work and have often been perceived as autistic. I think of myself as digital chimera – a living human who is not well placed in classical human biology and which does not compute their life happy if it has no algorithmic internal environment/sphere around/inside it. I understand and feel cyborgization since I can remember and I want to use my knowledge to amplify a life-centered future instead of a cyberpunk postethical civilizatory evolution-lock. I have researched cognitive and computational architectures and their algorithmic structures for many years. My skills are not exactly classical and I can leran to use or reproduce current math and code but it is not my talent. I intend to test my concepts how to transition 2D-interfaces and binary language models. I think of polyparametric computation and multiplexing language and their research as meaningful towards the concept ‘collective intelligence’. I want to test whether they can trigger such intelligence or its discovery (if undertaken with responsibility). The models and systems from my research are partially creative commons and partially public domain but I never used any of my ideas for profit (which would cause a problematic financial root). Though I was offered economy several times and I could have used it very well I declined. My decision to apply openly for a funding to only my terms resembles that my concept is now by my own strict evaluation sufficiently resilient. I also infere on this assumption by observing convergent evolution in other complex architectures and neuromorphic designs. I aim for interdependent innovation-centered ecosystem-engineering which allows interest-based living. I want to help transition current limits of exclusion, paywalls, identity, randomness and branding. My approach appears compatible to your operations in case you aim for a better future for life on earth, it is just a lot more complicated and complex. This does not make it useful. I analyze my own work to what end it can reduce the hypercomplex approach to harmonize dynamic interacting complex agents and their networks and their system. My approach starts by gauging complex networks and breaking down complex protocols into functions.

I would be most thankful for your consideration to get in contact or pass on my need to someone you know. I ask for help from you, primarily developers who could help me with the interface and by any other priority beings who could enable a developer to help me. It is difficult for me to adapt or strive in the current digital interface-landscape with its socially isolating clocktimings, exclusive access paradigms and intransparent platforms. With the present input hardware and methods, I lack basic peer-to-peer connectivity to any human movement or network, requiring assistance for very simple tasks which become increasingly difficult the more I recover my virtual identity. Without the world, I would not have been possible, as such, I ask you to to help me use my lifetime for the world.

Since I can remember I understand digital systems and languages as our key to connect and translate between higher order computes of algorithmic intelligence with extremely short time-scales and the humane time-scale of natural language and a biologic intelligence – friendly rendering paradigm. I thought that complexity awareness will allow recreation and regeneration. I still think so but now share what tools I need to increase my own aspects of those. I want to serve the resilience and protection of life for which I want to research and represent my best hybridization with technology to amplify awareness about their potential, dangers and upcoming implications. I can strive in complex environments and complex crisis scenarios but only when I can identify as instance which is a semi-self-containing computation network.

I can be reached by phone well as interactive language is better then 2D symbols. Text is not intuitive for me at all and it locks me in repetetions when I cannot switch the line back/forth or right/left. Current software is very up/down designed which is a downer for me. I = Dominic, connection = +4917661154553. I would like to link to you°:
° <>
° <>
° <>

° <>
° <>
° <you>
²[X] I invite friends of me to be my triangle for the hologram. I would want to learn to act as intermediatory operator who uses AI to augment and automate their work. {therefore is required a gauge setup of interface that allows any physiology, diversity and abledness to use electronic information technology for such mediatory approaches. You are always invited as well.}

³[X] I invite any network to associate or position against/with me; as only observation can extend reader/interest and increase my scientific validation progress. I can often share interesting perspectives/ideas on systems, software and complexity.
↻[Y] I compose a list of most important media for an ’emergencey update’ (currently <>, to provide an ‘update’ stream with short explanations and contextualization for all areas of science and knowledge which allow decentral intelligence growth)

I wish you beautiful times ahead!

for more info is probably not ready as well.