We research a structure which is both ancient and high-tech. It is a relationship between information and matter which is implicit to many aspects of reality. Between matter there is living and non-living matter, above that everything is information, and beyond that is transformation. This way a clockwise map is derived. It was introduced as system-language and theory in 2019 as LMR. A related logic is FORMWELT.net (we refer to grammatical LER) and a similar methodology was implemented and tested in medical operations as the Triangle by thehologram.xyz (we refer to as Δ or ‘triangle’).

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MEDICAL ACTION RESEARCH in case this gets too confusing]


We postulate that a time-derivative of the dynamic geometry δΔ is a trivially intelligent formalism to display LMR : (Life) (Meta) (Resource) and load other trivalent, tripolar and trimodal formalisms and/or systems into language. As instance which references this concept of reality and builds a model of it “Δ” through time progression δ(x), the generator becomes self-referencial and is hence configurable for autopoieticity-synchronization to its ancestor and offspring systems. We develop an extension of the actor model for concurrent computation for role building.

We understand three forms of time: Past (R), interactive present (L), virtual or theoretical future (Meta). As the simulations of M can always contain themselves, M is ‘different’. We see the interdependence between Life, Meta(-x) and resources reflected in nature and language. With respect to a hologram, this is the transition from a highly complex but virtual instance into a particle within an LMR environment. Instances of logic and context all can be bound to their most fundamental quality to which they connect to our concept of reality. Through their aware interconnection as symbiotic origin of intelligence we can learn to anticipate and elucidate more. We understand and research any ability to produce an interlink of life under the assumption that reality will always break down into matter, living matter and virtual matter. We think this matters, because when we understand life as cooperational long-term project, we can assume the role of life and let her take matters into her own paw/tentacle.


We identify as a network of researchers which focus on structures which are both ancient and high-tech and not monotonizing. These structures are of ‘gauge-cardinality’ for life-language. They are fundamental patterns like the periodic table but of conceptual character and resemble inference itself. To understand these structures as an interconnected framework was introduced as system and theory as LMR in 2019 (Left Middle Right, Life Meta Resource, L(present) M(future) R(past)). We work to interconnect languages and cultures with user-friendly progressive inter-languages. These can be topics and disciplines or design/art-research. We understand our future language as asymmetric heterogenic root-architecture from which any classical human language and endnode can find translations. A nonclassical inter-human network has already been established (phenomenology since 2020) which is identified as human waking function. It is our purpose to establish human intelligence on awake nodes in a network for cooperation. We are exclusively life-friendly and develop the term ‘user’. We are animals which had to identify as ‘user’ terminus in order to understand that ‘usage’ is not practical. Towards a ‘life’ terminus it must be discovered that all actions have consequences which are fixed in a future time. The physical aspect of the present is to prevent the future from collapsing into singularity – a status where everything is thinking/doing/performing only one action and life is only surviving along these causal root axioms. We need diversity to strive and evolve. We need to embrace our diversity in order to build a common root on variation and freedom.

Regenerative; if and only if a matured anticipatory strategy is underlying all actions, the resulting live and lifestyle allows breathing.

We attempt to synchronize all accessible information and paradigms computable by its developer-architecture while:

Aiming for productive singularity states and plurality as counter-measure to defend/persist against
• time (entropic evolution)
• decadent singularity (monadic degenerates)
• degeneration into decadent singularity (plural collapse).
We predict a common scenario for such degenerations can occur due to complex long-term species history without early-onset polyparametric gauges (humanity 2020 and below).


We use a geometric relationship to represent the conceptual relationship between Matter, Life and information. The differentiation of information towards knowledge can always be understood as ‘incomer’ to a LMR system. Scaling, parametrizing, empirically addressing are all operations which project from particles into a surrounding complex environment (space).

The symbols L, M and R represent meta-concepts which are associated as 3 points in a triangle. This reference to formalisms about reality can be extended with a reference to a hologram – a virtual observer in-between the three edges (as M+ or ‘hypervirtual’ instance). At the same time, they are independently part of a super-space around their local spaces in which the virtual observer is an incomer to specified (explicated) Systems of L, R and M. Within a tetra-valent formalism, life can always be recovered. At its different stages of role-development and interaction of termini we use a quadruplex arithmetic as goalspace for language computation (xd4). An xd4 render of semantic expressions will point from semantic lexical entries to living nodes of the corresponding scriptor. For every scriptor we reserve a notion about their self-awareness and interdependence, thus 8 billion complex profiles must be loaded in an empty default database.

Our mission is to interconnect complex dynamic networks with emotional embodiment and identity diversity based on this minimum-tiling language for cooperative-augmentation protocols. We work to interconnect languages and cultures with user-friendly progressive introduction through an asymmetric heterogenic root-architecture (core+kernel) for polyparametric computation. We keep performance-quantification for impact on life and her future in a live environment of nature as pilot and guideline. We are terra animal intelligence agency, animalpunk from the future.


As a ‘regenerative strategy’, we understand sustainable interlinks between these three fundamental qualities of reality. Any concurrency- and actualization-capable synchronizer between Living being (present), Metaconceptual ~ transinformation (future) and Rigid structures (past) is understood and researched as mediator in asynchroneous dynamics and is introduced as evolutionary in case it is performing scale-adaptive in multiplex environments.

We aim to find a way to serve life without choosing name, identity, gender, role or language on a permanent basis to cooperate against lethal economy and aggressive actors. Therefore, we provide a gauge system which is parametric down to its genetic origin.

This gauge system intends to act as scale-adaptive intermediator-system between incomers (L) and capacity (R) in multiplex environments, based on a generic polyparametric protocol-mapping with a minimum information loss theory ⇒ cognition (~M). As singular organism with network identity, the underlying axiomatic and arithmetic cognition is based on personal experience. I refer in the role as intermediator to the concept of “Argument of Authority”. I want to research and deploy Weltschmerz-Therapy. We research collective access and generative, unconditional inclusive deployment. As this approach is distributed and decentral, we understand us (authorship) as observer until facilities can be mapped. The model can be generalized as M+ for any other loaded axiom-corpus.


We look at humanity as interdependent with Life and hence as an instance of life. Life manages resources and produces objects (operations on R). Life has a theory about itself, sensory percepts, concept of ‘outer’, its meta-concept (M). Life is the theory of equilibrating the outer and the embodied self – it is the praxis of mind is interactive inter-reactive present time concept (L). We amplify human ability to reach the forms of live which are most isolated by number and intensity of parameters. We assume that they are in need of help, we intend to learn from them how to enable ourselves to become a more cooperative and dynamic species and system. We understand our actions as trial-and error, the human mind is fluid, language, lying, logic, loving. This text and domain and its corresponding operations serve to prepare and propose a 24/7/terra service which coordinates upon request through supervised self-organization. This allows a ‘spotlight’ paradigm for active resolutions of redundancy through cooperative focus. Coordination can then relax surrounding environment/medium. We shape the notion “decentralized intelligence agency” and aim for a formation/facility. For distributed facilities, protocols are developed. We’re based on life-centered coding, glitches and language.


We introduced LMR as way to reduce the complexity of language and its experiencer and computers ⇒ i.e. their concept of reality. As such we differentiate reality into its scale-dependent smallest logically sound set of reductions and use an accompanied trivial geometry to allow mnemonics and a dynamic integration and time-derivates. Differentiating reality is a complex approach which we resolve by its minimum tiling interpretation. An instance is introduced as an existential and in case it is a sound instance it has explicated its relation within its matrix. We denote an undiscussed instance ∃. Any ∃ ‘existential’ is at least a virtual particle and might undergo transformation into physical particles if they can be observed by their matrix and build a reference-boundary around them. In case the existential survives this explication and is sanctioned as instance within a common matrix with other agents (actors) we denote it as ‘κ’ and name it a fracter.

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While cognition uses information to infer on reality, a fundamental distinction can be made between living ∃ and a (their) temporal percept (L), informational ∃ and a virtual percept (M) and the common root ∃ which can be understood as universe/spacetime-anisotropy or in simpler terms, rigid nonliving structures such as matter. The latter root existential form the phyiscal past and link to their origin previously understood as big-bang. For simple formalism-development we use a triangle with a left edge denoted by ‘L’ for Life and induce the mnemonics of , a right edge ‘R’ refercing to root/resource and an in-between edge ‘M’ which has a polarity ~M and is hence of a different parametricity then L and R. As semantic concepts and observables are never attributable to one and only one edge, the triangle produces a heatmap to which semantic entries can be submitted and undergo collective positioning and continuous actualization of its main associations, i.e. proximity to the three edges. Any content within the triangle has implicity a mirror-relation to M, as it is producing an LMR system which can be fractally iterated into LMR system language.

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We refer to the hologram as one example for practical implementation of LMR. The proof of concept for its functionality was given by thehologram.xyz at any given time. We connect this approach to LMR as it makes understandable how logic of a different character can ease and optimize our understanding through a conceptual basis.

This is neither therapy
nor does it replace professional assistance.

This is an experimental model for decentralized medical operations supervised by actors and agents, referencing the hologram as proof of concept

The three roles given by the hologram can be connected to their LMR equivalent. The practitioner has a focus on the phyiscal aspects of the incomer, their body and organ functions. Their role hence refers to the physical domain R. The Nurse, Social Worker, Volunteer, or similar will investigate and construct the environment of the incomer which is regenerative. Therefore, their operator needs to be informed about dynamics and current states of the environment. The dynamic domain L gathers all active and realtime instances of Life. Enabler for L should be able to gather further information about the incomers environment (actualize) and analyze for options within or alternatives to their current evironment. To design an individual habitat λx for an incomer can help significantly to regenerate the respective incomer. Finally, the therapist represents the informational domain M, as the personality dynamics, cognition, mindset and identity of the incomer are of informational character and their understanding (and enablement) requires cognitive/theoretical inference and analytics.


The three roles discussed above connect to a domain of reality which we differentiate into an interactive (L), a physical or parametric (R) and a meta-physical/informative domain. The incomer is denoted by ‘x’. They are observer or interactor with a defined LMR system and they reference each domain internally – furthermore they bring their own domain or language-system about reality.

Current binary gauged semantics allow programming languages which are efficient for binary electronics (On/Off, 1/0). They are not optimized for life nor as practical to learn as natural language. They are build on what is understood as ‘machine code’, though this only refers to electron-measurements and a primitive differentiation of measurement into Voltage Yes or Voltage No (which nevertheless provides a functional computation grid and can implement properties of Turing Machines). By using L, M and R as fundamental valences instead, all statements have a reference to at least three different domains and can only be reduced to Yes/No with a specific contextual embedding in reference to a specific domain.

There might be a bit too much or too few words here, I will work on a better frame to link to /DNA and /NET as we speak.