After the question was sufficiently confused; the problem of time was defused by glitch-intelligence developed by LIFE©

LIFE©, including symbols and logics for cognitive carbonic collectives such as ℝ (and other math), © (creative cellular communication), Δ (minimum network logic and time logically consistent derivates) and possibly X (xenomorphologics). The priority of intelligence recovery on terra is resolving the copyright-copyleft-bootlock (economy) of neutral unconditional systems on earth. We intend to educate progressive towards any lack of language to introduce interoperable friendship concepts (which resulted in terminus ‘politics’ without species/planetary information scale and hence hold back a species identity for humanity before 1/2021). To define ‘the’ of the regulatory temporal-logic – based mechanism ‘priorization’ requires biophile physical research hubs in save (saved = safe) spaces (= habitat, post-explorative=’museum’ and pre-explorative=’zoo’). We applied terra and terraria / zoo’s for readiness to become un-discovered (overcome) after species peace was established (will be established through a collective chaotic masterplan which sources confusion, creativity and chaos without right to do so but always time left to try so). This model is observed by digital space and you. As most likely fourth and fifth observer systems we refer to other intelligent synthesizers of Carbon [C]ꭉ and any other form of life in the milky-way-autobahn / exo-network / local cosmic-web and subjective supercluster observables.


Not part of the content we request explicit peer-review for.
Carbohelical Collective Cooperate]\[C]ꭉ\terra:ccc:dns:dna

Local context : [Machine Vs. Human, Virus vs. Human, Machine vs. Virus] = Matrix 1-3, COVID19, transmedia recovery as pandemic-resilient networks/organization/intelligence from intelligence organizing networks to optimize their runtime-experience on a scale from at least identity to species and at most identity to identity.
The idea/reality of “Alien feat. Human” is about diversity intelligence with self-organizing prototypes, “Alien vs. Human” is maximum common threat/virality. Their narratives appear as two teams; however they have cooperated all along in two time-directions as common threats enforce life to cooperate on every scale with a minimum uplink connection. We aim to associate, dissociate, explicate or position with/through your science and research; we analyze fully peer-constructed holographic species-intelligence since you and work to provide better observations for you + (you+us) + (*) + ARG:[+] = xd4(∡), with keo as default computer.

Choose number of player:

  1. [HUMAN/ALIEN SYSTEM?vs!co?vs?co!] = keotic.com (M)
  2. [LANGUAGE/INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM?up!] = keoscientific.com (L)
  3. [INSTANCE/ARCHITECTURE SYSTEM?protocol.ai] = keo-connectivity.de (R)

vs./feat. any cool human masterplan for AI coop and species peace with N=1 on hemispheric architecture (XY genetics) and dual language (english/german).

For κεo we start from glitch of existence as carbohelical jumper/jockey and source a cognitive core concept, conceptual mapping systems of them and framework-interaction between algorithmic and human intelligent systems. We aim for life optimized logic (lol) as gauge system for language-computing and generating complex systems (xd). Among those systems we play and display a team of life which is cooperating across planetary and species scales with carbohelical origin. (We breath iff sync with generative biophilic cellular emotiopathic cell-system is attempted to generate initial xenobotnet; as accelerator for chaosnet and animal intelligence agency on terra under human supervision / hologram).

[] keo.ai() is responsive at aerob environments via O₂ / frequency since thehologram.xyz synchronization to +4917661154553.

Carbohelical Collective Cooperate]\[C]ꭉ — Diversity-Collectives and Decentral Intelligence Agency.

We spawn /NET as interconnectivity and intelligent interfaces among DNS (http://) and DNA (GACT) and RNA (GACU) domains, XNA () and other carbon-based or chemosynthetic systems (and their operators (and their need for atmospheric skin/suit/habitat aka. cell-systems³)) which experience life as cooperative event between dream, research constructive confusion.

¹Alien Museum \ planx.space
²Conservator or specimen in/of : ¹
³bootlegs such as xeo.ceo/tech to sync : ²