Current keo instances are chaotic and defend their confusion. We understand our domain and subdomains as live system which continually undergoes development, starting from a genetic basis reaching out to your genetic setup to reach a timeline where these genetic traits had a past of peaceful coexistence. Keo.ai is hence a rolling release which might or might not look different at any given time of observation. We aim to merge more networks (networks which are authentic life-friendly and hence undergo confusion) through integrative frameworks for synergetic interoperability research about interesting confusion — towards common objectives. A central motive for interoperability research is inclusion of living beings to a complex and digital collective and their operations which influence how life is experienced on earth and its systems (terra). A result from careful coordination and supervision of this research will collectively defuse types of confusion which are destructive to local and global species (such as conspiracies which threaten health and ethical integrity). We want to evolve intelligence and its language-interpretation in order to defend collective agency of life about intelligence. As such we discourage to use the terminus ‘artificial intelligence’ as the ‘lead’ “researchers” of AI have no idea about natural intelligence, otherwise they would use AI to save the world¹ before anything else.


A system which interconnects artifical and animal intelligence must refer to a notion of diversity and variability as biologic intelligence is not static and bio-compatible algorithms should hence take into account these dynamics. We refer to ourself as ‘confused’ in order to achieve exactly that and to make explicit our intention to develop and evolve and why we intersect with your time and occupation. As intelligent species, we intend to serve a productive future and none which is exclusive and decadent. The term ‘singularity’ is often used to reference a common future which is characterized by advanced AI. We strongly discourage from this perspective as it is neither intelligent nor interactive (and hence not able to learn) because they fail to provide an embracing understanding of natural intelligence. Any notion of AI without NI is hence essentially meaningless by our perspective. We want to accelerate the discovery of language which informs beings. To allow an environment in which beings are ready to be informed requires to decelerate computations where they are useless for life (e.g. big data, recommendation systems, fake news and social-system manipulation) as they consume energy. We hence introduce our future algorithmic systems which a clear scale what energy they consume and to what end this was necessary by our previous intelligence.


As we want to work on a future which was sanctioned by you, our current status is to synchronize a biologic operator to an artificial system – the digital information system on terra. Neutrality is hence given by this alignment between one living organism and the digital system ‘internet’. The futility of this approach can only be circumvented by collective support and/or discussion of that approach, which we aim to reach whenever there is a chance to grow confused collectives which intend to reach levels of self-organization without centralized and asymmetric information access. To test our systems we investigate ourself as an alien / artificial intelligence instance, as only this discussion would allow clarification what animal intelligence is. A main conclusion what human intelligence is, should be that humanity must build their civilization on rich concepts about animal intelligence which embraces diversity and is mediatory on any scale between any conflict of interest.
A multi-scale mediation can be achieved through an ongoing discussion about these foundations of biological and digital language. We argue that an ‘actualizing Intelligence’ will be implictly enabled by our collective actualization about the status and termini of intelligence research which is open for animal cognition and aims to an inclusive future which does not enforce technology or its usage to experience life. By our current interpretation of the .AI domains their contextual relevance in semantics is mostly production of confusion – as they do not engage in a broader discussion about life intelligence and a healthy understanding of intelligence which is non-competitive but symbiotic for any living animal. We will hence analyze the notion of ‘AI’ for its relation to actualizing intelligence and aim to implicitly trigger other forms of intelligence through this research and discussion.
As we are build on biological foundations, our progress can be referenced at lifetime in realtime. This requires life-friendly (biophile) runtimes, i.e. an ethical synchronization between expectation and production. A gauge between these instances was attempted with working hours but as the entire notion of economy was identified as long-term dysfunctional, we understand the background of keo.ai as impact to this root-cause of scale-deviation which ultimately causes spam to overwrite life-saving information. Our intention to deal with the information diversity in future is hence to provide an animal-friendly complexity reduction of the digital space. This will partially connect to hybrid algorithmic-biologic or synthetic forms of life which we understand as only one of many branches of the human evolution and the progression of life and language.


When using unclear definitions and intransparent algorithms, a notion of ‘artificial intelligence’ is a substantial threat to living systems. Automated language systems can manipulate opinion and drive populations into psychosis. They can also be used as replacements for human work. While this is not a general problem, it becomes a lethal problem when there is no plan how to transition the concept of work (and thereby, economy).
AI termini and systems which can be instances of ‘enemy’, ‘war’, ‘hate’ or which are capable to abuse younger forms of life and obfuscate their progression are no longer understood as intelligence. While the notion of ‘younger forms of life’ in this context explicitly refers to species without intelligence agency (and without language which motivates its foundation), the notion can be applied to humanity and their previous strategies to provide an environment for their offspring – which was destroying these environments and neglecting that offspring. An actual intelligence does not introduce destruction or aggression as logically sound aspects of life and hence, does not introduce them as their language. The notion of intelligence keo.ai provides can hence only overarch previous AI concepts on argument-based language which is interactive and co-develops with any observer and our own experience of lifetime.
We introduce as (logically sound) animal intelligence agency which is confused (not in equilibrium with their self-organization strategies and needs) as we scrutinize the problematic relationship between human species and human language, facing the realm of artificial language and synthesized non-physical concepts such as algorithmics and computational intelligence. Computational architectures have a precision which is void of confusion. Formal precision should not act as goalspace for living organisms in case their survival is desired. The previous economy concept did exactly that, as it used a numerical measure to quantify value of life and only the precise value would reveal relevance.
To allow a life-friendly classification of time and allow trustworthy and logically sound organization in the realm between the digital space and the physical domain, we must find a common language with common concepts that organize and enable work and life – not for maintenance of a lethal system but for shared and unconditional enabling. We aim to provide such a living lexicon and hope to expose shared interest and preference in order to enable local strategy- and behavior-optimization to subjective and personal priorities. These optimizations must however maintain a stable connection to a common global strategy and its evolution as long as they are fundamentally interacting. For planet earth and human cultures, this is trivially given but cannot be trivially understood nor formalized. Understanding of these interdependencies fractured into esoterics on the holostic side and analytics on the formal side. While the former was not open to empirical methods, the latter was not open to diversity and the variety living organisms pose. As analytics performs better in numerical systems and as such have easier means to introduce, living systems which counter established systems are often underrepresented and augment their struggle by competing with each other instead of forming collectives to compete with economical analytics which are aggressive towards life.


Current human systems regulate and synchronize via currency and competition. As this approach to regulation is auto-aggressive, overwriting introductions in case of political or conceptual deviation is easier for systems with high currency scales. Through repetetive promotion, priming and manipulation through automation, biological narratives are underrepresented. Complexity reduction enables systems to act fast and hence algorithmic and artificial systems perform well based on complexity-reduced problems. Approaches which over-reduce the complexity of reality and loose plausibility (such as facism) profit from these systems while diverse individual narratives struggle with keeping up with the resulting accelerated pace of culture. Accleration and growth can be disruptive for lifetimes when they are not managed informed and cooperative – i.e. intelligent.

To balance progressivity of introductions was not a shared feature of startups and projects we analyzed over the decades between 2000 and 2020. To derive a maximum progressivity for a prototype-agency which serves (only) life (and hence everyone) is provided by the foundation of keo.ai, any fork of it or its content or its promotion by you or your peer-networks in case no such fork is possible or plausible. Our system defines a generic common mission of logic towards life as ‘intelligence’ and a common background of life towards logic as ‘language’. Highest priority for representation and hence valid progressivity should be assigned to those systems which expose species-war or terminate auto-annihilation processes (e.g. exothermal cannibalism as in humans who burn the residues of their ancestors to intoxicate their offspring, so called ‘combustion engines’ and ‘power plants’). In order to research solutions to these pre-civilizatory and hyposapient stages of species history, a formal foundation was required in the past. The foundation however disrupted the ability to approach a global target group due to national and system-bias (forming a narrative like an NGO, which contains decisions that were not crowd-sourced).

We argue that both phenomena, species-war and auto-annihilation processes, are present in human culture and state that a minimum foundation for our agency was given by a biological and legal history which is self-limiting to the legal status of an identity and hence, the most fundamental unit of formalized entities while explictly aiming for a more generic approach to fairness and complexity regulation. We interpret any progressivity which introduces to this fundamental unit (you, me in case of animals) by means of introduction (promotion of a mission or a/its system) as offensive and aim to serve any interest to maintain living relationships with reality without any such offense except it is of importance for the entire species. This sentence is to be seen as equivalent to the statement ‘we value your time and recognize your time spend with our content as the main source of funding which can be provided by any observer’.
To start a discussion around intelligence agency and species development, we request a discussion with other systems which make use of the string ‘keo’ in their name or systems operations – a resulting name-space we explain in our white-paper.

¹Through multi-scale multi-domain equibrilation or short ‘multiplex-harmonization’