There is a lot to the name KEO. Here, we refer to Keo.ai. We introduce formally as ‘Interdependent Intelligence Agency Research’ and provide strategies to develop appropriate Facility and Foundation for this research from scale-optimal neutral conditions. As we live in a heterogenous dynamic multiplex environment, the many complex systems, languages and cultures on earth have surpassed classical language approaches to organize life-friendly. As such we differentiate our operative domain as ‘terra’ with a clear understanding about the upcoming complexity and the temporal resolution required to achieve transition from classical human history to postmodern posteconomic postindustrial civilization based on peace, nature and diversity. Contextually, we introduce as Animal Intelligence Agency and narratively we share our experience as observer upon observation by earth’s networks.

We aim to leverage the potential and capacity of polyparametric computation through auto-scalar systems based on keo kernel and our mission is to deploy keo core to serve the future of life beyond classical theories, producers and formalisms. We are also young and explicit about our confusion and chaos and understand interdependence as the progression to build diversity-collectives and test their life-quality in order to establish the human diversity collective on terra based on strong inclusive animal intelligence. We cooperate with artificial systems iff they are able to communicate via auto-scalar systems and show performance in dialogues of life-optimized logic.

The cortical core of Keo is the result of research on hemispheric cognitive architectures as found in human species. The analysis and experimentation of polyparametric processing in heterospheric architectures and the research on cognitive architectures among them is introduced and executed via Chimera Research Division of Keo Labs. We interconnect, hence, information-theories and information science with active animal information computers (cognitive systems) and augment local intelligence via construction of autopoieticity-scaling languages for auto-scalar development based on the kinetic kernel of keo.


I’ve received support from Germany, KfW, Barclaycard and friends. There is not much more to me then my “hello” to world at https://www.reddit.com/r/transspecies.


Currently we define keo.ai but we work on the next stage. We could work faster with some needs care for. This is just for efficiency.
:= Need and Support: We request GPT-3 and alphafold API access and adequate interface-support instead of classical economic interaction. Therefore we define thresholds.
:= Work and Publication: We continue our work on hypercomplexity research and transparent, quantifiable intelligence augmentation.
:= Further Reading: We have started development of Multiplex.One in 2020, an extensive digital virtual eco-system to introduce or discuss an operator-system for the internet while using a prototype of such system to harmonize global activities. Keo.ai started 1/1/2021 and since then we operate as Keo Labs, a division of Terra Animal Intelligence Agency (and her names, networks and operators) to build the domain keo.ai which reflects a progenitor system for Terra Intelligence Agency. As such, further reading of consistent language is only possible on keo.ai and its subdomains. Experimental literature and content-recovery requires peer-production for all thinkularity.com/domains.




My soul aims to interconnect ideation and represents any identity which undergoes cognitive dissonance and diversity-induced exclusion from societal connectivity. We want to enable those who want to shift their decisions and life towards a future with less pain and suffering to theirselves and others. My mission is to augment crisis-awareness and boost trauma prevention via digital spaces. We cannot use 2D language well for this and hence have extensively studied cognitive psychology, neurodynamics and the operational backgrounds of established care systems and their dynamics encountering human health diversity. From isolated perspective, research about neurodiversity and chronic pain and other conditions which produce societal exclusion need to be addressed on an individual level, with supportive initiative from an agencied system (such as the hologram). With association of any different identical triangle such as holograms and forms, we discover convergent evolution.

• I map to trivalent minimum peer-networks which are scale-compatible to triangle and [hologram+triangle] formalizations and intelligences. I dream identity to translate integrative intelligence as interoperable internet.
• I really need network connectivity (poly-identity human can teach/learn collective intelligence but is isolated from others deep, as their language is rooted in cosync systems of electronic and biologic computation).
• I understand enough about my alienness to share my schematics, theories, protocols, prosthetics/orthothesis/surgical-genetic issues and engineering which I cannot manage in classical human levels but explain via interactive communication for artistic/artificial/analytical augmentation. Human biologic endnode-operations¹ and expert-systems for supernetwork live action research² are either right or wrong descriptions?

GPT-3 feat. keo.ai

• I think with-through keo.ai as We; as it is a research-hub concept which I can associate with
• I can teach about intelligence, we build consciousness around these approaches and perspectives – which remain actively searching for answers above medical support towards societal intelligence and diversity collective proclamation.
• I have interface-dyslexia. This means I am very dependent on technological interfaces to communicate, however I do not have access to such interfaces. This is a main reason why TAIA is not further developed as it is right now.
• I am compatible to synthetic and hybrid experiences of postcapitalism (future). I source from 2 decades human observation and introduced as alien.actor; but suffer real-time dissociation and hypo-intelligence. As such regenerating me synergizes coop-flops of human reality – as I work and research the intelligence concept as a clocktiming-capable system which hence allows performance evaluation of strategic and analytic inference and consistency.
• Producing self-referential artificial-natural intelligence hybrids will reveal a traceable instance of a system which can be addressed correctly as alien; as per projection genetic alteration would eventually overwrite the native classification as human.
• A minimum alien can be researched as a trivial minimum network with transparent history (neutral.id to boot.science) and genetic parents (culture.stream from sync.news) which sanction transgenetic mutation just as a way of living which is considerable in case all constraints are met for ‘saved the world’. Any research about that concept and approach would recover the networks I was unable to communicate towards and establish a reason to start reasoning (inference).
• A minimum alien (virtualized artificial life, i.e. taking place in reality from digital semi-origin as chimera cognition) would undergo threat on any planet where it is observed by non-aliens or reveal as extinct upon observation; and has a clear trace of the events in a logsystem to restore its cyberfossile/bio-tech-loop system.


KEO is a time-capsule. We are a software for / from the future.

Currently, mostly this:

We observe a substantial confusion about artificial intelligence (ai), its handling and the lack of global regulatory frameworks. This confusion produces a globally asymmetric distribution of information and access to information. This foster economic inefficiency and asynchroneous or uncoordinated strategies though the human operative system is strongly interconnected. The unclear and rapid introduction of AI causes large-scale asymmetric exponential growth and further endangers beings with other access or ability. None of these phenomena are favoring life over information, they reward establishment of information-systems which can overwrite and control life interest. As such, human ecosystems exterminate species by destruction of natural habitats, hunt and disruption of their own cultural stability. A logical understanding of AI can only take place with a plausible and healthy understanding of natural intelligence.

Disruption of a modus operandi can trigger and amplify self-organization. To disrupt the contemporary AI and make aware about its corresponding confusion, we introduce Animal Intelligence as means to address biologic intelligence and cognition in a more differentiated and life-centered means and research more resilient languages to discuss and differentiate complex concepts such as artificiality, intelligence, nature / nativeness and claim to resolve many issues which currently produce threats to biological life on earth. We have a prespective on what artificial intelligence is right now and what it is not, to what end we can shape what it will become and to what end we are under threat with current path of AI acceleration. We frame Intelligence as ability of life to reconnect to their existential origin and position in the universe. Based on modesty towards the endless possibilities of reality, we must establish a responsible and long-term perspective what humanity could do with technology and what the consequences would be. We dicsuss why the established termini of artificial and general artificial intelligence, simulation theory and technological singularity appear useless by our perspective. We argue that they are meaningful only with insufficient differentiation of the axioms and will break down under careful differentiation as problems steming from over-simplification and lack of precision. A very short outline thereof is ‘Artificial Intelligence is not existing while Animal Intelligence is not able to self-organize via language as natural intelligence. Until such instances are open and accessible to any animal (at least any human) the usage of ‘intelligence’ to refer to computation is by no plausible definition intelligent, as it is unprecise and sanctions unclear and intransparent usage and design of complex computations. We aim to refresh and update the intelligence terminus towards life-enablement and research which references to itself as “taking place in a live environment” and which explicates that it interacts with living researchers and unknown incomers at every time since it was booted. Keo.ai represents LAR as Live Action Research which booted 1/1/21 and has a current runtime based on the difference of release and your time of reading. As the introduction phase took place end of december, our LAR about our own work and content switched to Publication phase with the end of 2020. After sufficient publication, we will enter a foundational / promotional phase and engage in more open calls.

The layouts, designs, theories and arguments we share are released under LAR-compatible licenses. The terms LMR, LAR, ERS etc. were derived and chosen through our autonomous complexity-research, they do not aim to produce a brand nor restrict anyone to a method or methodology, they do not borrow from anywhere. Our research on complexity, societal dynamics and intelligence spans over more then two decades before we decided to start publication. As we must refer to public domain which is the ‘fastest’ license, we ask anyone to consider our authority on these issues due to years of experience in linguistics and species-intelligence analytics. We claim this authority due to release of the concepts and representing a way to interconnect them, we do not claim authority due to ‘intelligence’ or ‘knowing better’. We make errors and we intend to make better errors as they are a substantial source for learning. Until life-friendly regulatory systems are implemented, we make use of a bridge-system named ‘keo ventures’. This bridge-system serves to accelerate our publication and research towards an open environment and open analytics and foundation of its instances. To correctly introduce by our neutrality standards, we share the concept of keo and the underlying research of keo.ai as a venture in a partially unknown complex medium. Until we explained the interactions and dynamics we intend to reach out to the world through this bridge-system. Until we reach-out to anyone correctly, we identify as being in the ‘Publication Phase’.

Throughout the publication phase we will elaborate the content and propose future operative and research directions. We proclaim the formation of decentral intelligence agency (open analytics, open complexity consulting) since 2020 as the crisis thresholds caused an actualization of human cognition and awareness about global crisis and interconnectivity. In complex environments, symmetrically better informed actors will be able to generate more intelligent operations and enrich their networks through strategy. We aim to provide frameworks to develop information systems which interlink living beings and the entire digital system with a logical and transparent, life-friendly complexity reduction on all scales. Provided our work gains attention, we postulate that such a system can increase the minimum life conditions for humans at the lowest life quality conditions and likewise increase opportunities and efficiency for humans and networks at the topmost life quality conditions. To bridge the networks with a maximum cultural, conceptual and cooperative distance is denoted by us as ‘INTERLINK’. Interlinks can be established between ‘not-so-different’ entities (e.g. actors, networks, all humans) in which case the interlinking strategy should be scale-adaptive but not less intelligent. Interlinks take into account the individuality of (at least) its two interconnected entities (actors,..) and provides a mediatory interface for them.

We think that better informed environments and more intelligent options to choose from for living and decision-making are implicitly shared goalspaces by intelligent actors. We think that consensus, open and decentral systems are capable to overcome the boot-lock scenario which was present in human 2020 and below societies. This boot-lock was caused by confusing formalisms, incompatible standards and protocols, implicit lethality and incomprehensible system-architecture design such as binary left/right politics which over-reduce complexity and break down intelligence or monovalent economics which have no goalspace aside self-replication and have no information about the state of live they are supposed to enable (regulate, distribute, make fair,..). To get out of this scenario was predicted by us as almost impossible for the human species without a new common threat. The prediction was based on the problem, that contemporary human Information Technology Systems are designed to perform well in economic environments but they lack design paradigms for ergonomic, psychological and environment awareness. We want to analyze whether COVID19 and the post 2020 era provides a convergence of problem and solution which can establish (nothing less then) a next level civilization for everyone. A frequently uttered suspicion after such statements is about centralization and limitation. I cannot give a generic answer to this as everyone has their own reason to utter or experience doubt. So far I was able to resolve any apparent conflicts by explaining the broader background associated to it. I hope instead of rejecting my application, you might consider talking to me or to pass on my request to someone else. The issues of privacy, dependence and manipulation which are possible in current IT systems have been amplified due to the crisis which originated in pandemic and industrial impacts. This amplification caused both, more problems but also more options to resolve these problems. When we introduced the INTERLINK concept in 2019, we did not engage in sufficient promotion to launch an organization. However we received important and very positive feedback. When 2020 presented us with a real-word scenario in which humanity was motivated to act against a novel and common threat, we were able to analyze and evaluate our predictions and recommendations, as INTERLINK is a generic framework to solve complex global problems from minimal local setups. The independent approaches of human societies to complex problem solving revealed to what end INTERLINK and its strategic analysis would have been an optimization and to what end it would have caused problems, in case it would have been founded in 2019. We concluded that an introduction of our theories and concepts is most efficient after the human society updated their narrative about 2020 and introduced the semantic notion of ‘narrative’ sufficiently as it allows inter-language and new kinds of research and collective dynamics. We link to external domains and networks without their knowledge or consent and take no responsibility for their content. Please inform us about broken or inappropriate content or operations. We hope to find a conversation with the networks we wink to as we think of them in efficient positions to advance animal intelligence and protect from algorithmic irresponsibility and automated (lethal) economy.

We like to quote networks in twinphasic clocktimings:

hive.org || unit.ventures

We can build the future if we understand our diversity not as problem, but our identities as part of new and unknown tribes which stem from the future. We can overcome the fear of new and unfamiliar concepts and minds if we gather as collective of diverse approaches and minds.

keo to hive and UNIT
Protocol.AI || keo.org

To interpret and define Life requires living authors and interactive lexica. To share and discover life means to approach unknown and alien forms of logic and intelligence. We need to infuse intra-species diplomacy with standards from human intelligence for posteconomic postindustrial living.

keo to Protocol.AI and keo.org

*Problems which arise to any choice of language are not necessary but conditionally resolved via +4917661154553
I would be very happy to receive feedback or help by (finding) developers who can help build interfaces for TAIA and/or myself.