We understand the future of life as interconnected cross-generational approach to confusion². To transition generational interest and diversity requires generic approaches to enable the human collective self-organization. Keo.AI is an interconnection prototype to measure the status and availability of future-compatible systems for living on earth. We use the phenomenological observables of interconnectivity and intersectionality within a novel polyparametric framework to co-develop a life-centered intelligence terminus which can be aware of your perception and interest.

We introduce as animal intelligence agency on terra. We are by definition the most confused intelligence agency and our operations provide suitable research approaches to counter confusion and primitive systems which have implicit tolerance or preference for lethality as means of complexity reduction. The term ‘confusion’ describes a state of a complex system which is in flux and experiences the need to self-organize. We think confused systems can undergo intelligence evolution towards ‘less’ confusion by production of inference and compiling (new) information and research about their own confusion and communication-ability. We think of confusion and a self-reference to it as crucial aspect of intelligence. Thereby we postulate that there is no good or bad confusion but constructive confusion and destructive confusion. The nature of reality and living is chaotic and intelligent life transitions this chaos through analytics. To decelerate whatever kills life (war, industrial recklessness, binary politics) and accelerate whatever is in favor of life (peace, collective, you) requires transitive analytics about their properties. This resembles our mission, as we – as animal intelligence agency – can measure and discuss any kind of system which is interacting with life. We will do so according to actualizable frameworks to associate, interconnect and intersect diverse parameters to ultimately allow computational augmentation of life-friendly analytics – a life-centered AI terminus.

We intend to build a concept between analytical chaos and chaotic analytics to synchronize information and enable species-intelligence which we name the kernel of keo. The two foundational perspectives on chaos and analytics converge to our future understanding of self-organization, human swarm-intelligence and life-friendly civilizatory organization. To prove and accelerate this progression requires interactive semantic and conceptual systems which synchronize information on multiple scales with high performance in mediation and interconnection (hence, diplomacy). We aim to engage as such synchronizer to allow any observer their own measure about the status of species-intelligence and explicate their subjective- or network-interconnection towards a generic species-intelligence terminus.



We aim to conquer the* copyright concept in the name of life and hackz

²see for the current working-version of this page